The Math Fact Fluency Crisis

Despite the advances in technology and educational methods, teachers are struggling to get their students to grasp math facts. Unfortunately, for many students, math is their least favorite subject and it is a source of anxiety and frustration.

From elementary to college-level, math fact fluency is a must. Studies are suggesting we have a national math fact fluency crisis. Only 1 out of 10 (10%) college students can pass a simple, basic multiplication test.1 Math fact fluency is imperative to living a successful and productive life, as math is used in some form in every occupation and is useful in all areas of life.

To address this national crisis, we at My Schoolware, Inc., have developed a lined of products to help with the instruction of math facts for individual students and entire classes of all grade levels. Designed for busy teachers, our programs require no prep time. With the fun and engaging, stress-free learning environment of Math Facts Matter, students are empowered to do their best and enjoy learning mathematics.

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1 DeMaioribus, C. (2011). "Automaticity of Basic Math Facts: The Key to Math Success?" Masters Thesis, University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN.